About us

ANANYA started as a dream to its founder until it became a mission. A pair of shoes transformed into purpose.

To live in the belief that every woman needs to dress their feet with shoes that makes them feel beautiful & confident to conquer each day. They will go a long way.

To share the success financially with our local partners who deserve recognition for their skills.

Our box makers from far provinces are unbelievably talented for making our shoe boxes unique & durable for years just by their hands, no machines, all hand-made.

Our partner shoemakers who pour their hearts, invest their time and extend if necessary to create the designs and sole we envision to have. 

To create jobs while we expand the team to be more responsive and creative. Our furthermost goal is to serve our customers better each day.

Know that every pair you buy, is a pair that has served its reason to us and will serve its ultimate purpose to you!